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Latvia Car Hire

    Latvia is amongst the northernmost European countries, with an opening to the Baltic Sea it features a temperate seasonal climate. Warm summers, mild autumns and springs and rather harsh winters characterize the place best, but thankfully all the cars that you will find at our Latvia car hire offices have working air conditioning so regardless of the season you will not feel its effects.

    Our available Latvia car rental fleet is very varied, ranging from small cars like the Ford Focus or Ford Fiesta to larger ones like the BMW X5 or even a Renault Scenic. Even if you need a minivan you will be able to find something that will fulfill that requirement in our fleet.

    Regardless of the type of car you hire though, you will benefit from unlimited mileage and breakdown assistance, which basically means that you can drive for as much as you want and in the case of something happening with the car, professional help will be on the way.

    That however is not everything we offer with our basic Latvia car hire rates, you will still benefit from collision damage and car theft waivers, so in the very unlikely case that any of those things could happen you will be at least partially covered.

    If you want to be completely covered from any extra charges that might occur if any of those problems would happen and exceed the basic waivers, all you have to do is to ask for the extra option that allows you to do this by paying a small extra fee when you pick up the car.

    While in Latvia you can pick up your car from any of the country’s main airports, so whether you’re landing in Liepaja Airport, Riga Airport or Ventspils Airport you will be met by our Latvia car hire representative who will be ready to hand over the car after all the paperwork is done. The great thing I that you can drop off the car in any other part of the country where we have partner offices, so you can pick up your car at the airport and then drop it off in downtown Riga or Mezciems.

Latvia Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire