Carvoeiro Car Hire

Carvoeiro Car Hire

On your next trip to the Algarve village of Carvoeiro make sure to consider employing our Carvoeiro car hire services in order to better enjoy the location and its surroundings. The place is better known as Praia de Carvoeiro but this isn’t the formal name.

Considering its location on the coast, Carvoeiro used to be a fishing village but in time it turned into a tourist hot spot, possibly due to its close proximity to Lagoa. The village has become in recent decades a quiet oasis within an oasis of great weather and beaches, meaning that it is usually sought after tourists who want to take a break from the somewhat hectic and crowded tourist towns like neighboring Lagoa, Albufeira or Portimao.

The main focus of the village is a picturesque cove and the settlement itself is backed by hills, the sandy and sheltered beach is a great place to spend your holiday however it can get rather busy during those periods as well however you can always look for a more quiet beach around Praia do Centianes and Benagil with the help of our Carvoeiro car rental office.

One attraction of the town is a ruined fort built in 1670 meant to defend the region but nowadays very little remains of it. However this is also the site of a shrine dedicated to Nossa Senhora and you can visit the chapel that overlooks the sea, interesting to note the fact that it is said that the chapel actually predates the fort.

A great way of introducing yourself into the local culture is by enjoying some of the absolutely wonderfully tasting pastry confections which contain lots of almonds, figs and oranges which are widely grown throughout the Algarve region. On the other hand considering that we’re talking about a fishing village here you can also expect the seafood to be absolutely top notch and fresh.

These are of course a few of the things that you can see and do while on your holiday trip but think about the many more options that open up to you once you have a car at your disposal with the help of our Carvoeiro car hire services.

Carvoeiro Car Hire

August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire