On your next trip to Cannes make sure to employ our Cannes car hire services in order to travel through this once small fishing village and see all there is to see now. Nowadays the once quaint village has turned into one of the social hubs of Europe being one of the most expensive and glamorous seaside towns.

The city is served by the Nice Airport which connects to the city via bus routes or really expensive taxis but you could circumvent those by employing our Nice car rental or Cannes car rental services and have a car ready for you at the airport so that you can drive into the city as soon as you land.

The city is most well known as the venue of the eponymous Film Festival which sees the place overrun by press from across the world as well as celebrities and film-makers.

Even though the city does have a reputation for being a place populated with high-end restaurants and exclusivity in general, the city offers alternatives for all budgets so don’t let that scare you away.

Once in the city you’ll find a charming ‘old town’ area, characterized by the typical narrow and winding streets of centuries past which are now populated by restaurants and souvenir shops; the castle ruins you will find here are interesting to visit as well.

There are several beaches available but most of them are private with the public ones being usually rather crowded. The bay features two islands, Iles de Lerins and they are both worth visiting as one of them features a monastery, which is still in use, and a ruined castle; the monks sell food and drink that they produce and these types of things make great souvenirs. The other island is also home to a castle but this one also features bars, restaurants and shops and quiet beaches.

These are only some of the things that you can see and do while in Cannes so make sure you employ our Cannes car hire services in order to take in as much of the city as possible while you stay there.


August 29th, 2012 by Auto Car Hire