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The best April Fools’ Day car pranks

Admit it: you’ve breathed a little sigh of relief just as soon as the 1st of April was over – I knew I did. But safe from all the impending ruses and practical jokes, we can reflect on the humor of it all. Car brands also have a long history of jesting with their public. Here are the best April Fools’ Day car pranks ever. Sit back and let your facial muscles do the smiling:

It all started in 1983, when the German manufacturer BMW stated that they were preparing to launch the rain-deflecting convertible BMW 3 Series. Conjuring up technical engineering “facts” in a very German way, they explained how the open roof would create a specific air habitat that could prevent the rain from entering the car. This practical feature also worked in car washes and any other wet environment.

In 2009, the Korean brand Hyundai stirred much attention when they drew public attention towards the “booming market among world and religious leaders” who were getting concerned about the harmful emissions of large limos. Hyundai was thus planning to introduce the i10 Popemobile, whose first customer would be a certain Italian resident…

We all know the British to be very “tongue-in-cheek”. No wonder Britain’s favorite lovely MINI vehicle would come up with something outstanding: the 2014 Mini Cooper T (or should we say, tea?).

Predictably enough, this prototype was meant to run for over 40 miles powered by Britain’s beverage of choice. That’s right, it was (supposed to be) powered by tea!

Don’t think the Brits’ imagination has run dry! This year’s prank is the outstanding MINI Hipster Hatch, targeted at… you’ve guessed it: hipsters! The world premiere of this spoof hatch was offered on April Fools’ 2016. MINI claimed to provide “Instagram fitted windows”, a fixed gear to accommodate the hipster driver’s bike and twin cassette players.

What’s in store for next year, I wonder?

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