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The new Dacia Lodgy

The Romanian car manufacturer has started 2012 with the release of the first images of their new hatchback, the Dacia Lodgy.

Dacia haven’t released a new vehicle since 2010′s Duster, but 2012 is looking to be quite the opposite, they’re planning to launch the Lodgy in March at the Geneva Motor Show and later in the year, in October they’ll be launching the new Logan at the Paris Motor Show.

The Dacia Lodgy is 4.5 meters in length, about 30 centimeters longer than the Logan, and it can seat five or seven passengers. That is also the main characteristic of the vehicle, the name seeming to be derived from the word ‘lodge’, reflects its potential of carrying an entire family as well as their luggage within its confines.

The Renault Group, which owns Dacia, chose to show off the new Dacia model in a similar manner as they did with the Duster, by enrolling a concept vehicle in the Andros Trophee, one of the most well-known and entertaining motor competitions in France. The Dacia Lodgy in the race will be driven by none other than Alain Prost.

The Lodgy’s engine will be the same model used for Dacia’s SUV model the Duster, however the diesel version will be powered by a 1.5 liter engine with either 90 or 110 hp. The gasoline version will be a 1.6 litter engine with 110 hp.

It is estimated that about 90.000 Lodgy units will be produced in 2012, the number is expected to increase to 170.000 after that.

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