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Paris is much more than you might think it is

Paris overview

France’s capital hasn’t needed any sort of introduction for a long time, the image of Paris in the general public’s mind has been developed over decades of presence in pop culture thanks to movies and music so there are certain expectations which even first-time visitors will have in relation to Paris.

What those expectations amount depend a lot on exactly which images of Paris one was exposed to via general pop culture; some will expect to see bustling boulevards with romantic cafes nestled alongside them, while others will head for the river Seine or the Moulin Rouge or the Eiffel Tower. While all of these are true of course, there is much more to Paris than these preconceptions, and one can explore the city in much more detail in order to get a completely different experience.

The atmosphere that one will encounter while in Paris will depend heavily on the time of year that you’ll visit. For instance, visiting during the autumn will mean that the city greets you with a burst of energy thanks to the start of the new cultural season, while going there during the winter will mean that you’ll have to section off your time between various festivals, events and feasting. During the summer months the place tends to slow down a fair bit, so the month between May and August are for those who want a really relaxing trip.

Considering spring is just starting, we’ll talk about springtime in Paris, which by the way is rather divine, but then again as we mentioned earlier all the other seasons are rather fabulous as well.

Paris is known for a plethora of things, ranging from those that we’ve mentioned earlier to things like fashion, cuisine, high art and of course culture.

One of the best ways of seeing some of sights is actually walking, there are lots of landscaped gardens, cavernous galleries and hidden corners of the city awaiting one’s explorer instinct.

If you wish to visit the major landmarks such as the Louvre or the Musee d’Orsay, you should reserve a ticket ahead of getting there, keep that in mind.

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