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5 great European skiing destinations

Europe has always been known as the continent to visit for some of the best and varied skiing opportunities in the world. This is thanks to a combination of factors, one main one being the long history of it being inhabited by many civilizations and the large number of mountain ranges. You can go skiing pretty much anywhere on the continent, from France to Greece, you’ll find both well-known resorts as well as less explored places which will surely astound you.

Val D’Isere – France

The resort here has been around for over half a century, in fact skiing is a thing here since about the 1930′s when a drag lift was installed on the slopes of Solaise. This French skiing destination aims to attract all sorts of skiers, offering a range of ski schools which span the gap from beginner to expert level skiing.

Cortina d’Ampezzo – Italy

Those who are familiar with skiing resort in Italy will surely be familiar with this beautiful winter playground nestled in the Ampezzo Valley. It is arguably the most famous ski resort in the country and this reputation is well-deserved, the place offers a wide range of skiing experiences, all of them great, and the slopes offer breathtaking views to the valley.

Igls – Austria

Austria is possibly the first country that comes to mind when one mentions skiing in Europe, because the entire country is basically made up of mountains. Igls is located in Innsbruck and offers a great mix of old world charm and some of the best and most modern ski resorts in the world. Innsbruck has been the host of the Winter Olympic Games twice, so the place has a solid pedigree when it comes to snow-related activities.

Kandersteg – Switzerland

This ski resort is a wonderful village offering one of the most picturesque places that one can see in relation to mountaineering. The village itself is an attraction, pulling in many visitors with its scenic views and tranquility. This is a great place to go to ski if you’re a beginner because the slopes offer novices enough space to test their techniques.

Pelion Mountain – Greece

While Greece is normally associated with summer holidays made up of great sea, sand and hot weather, there is also some noteworthy skiing to be had there. However, because of the country’s upper mentioned reputation, there are many people who do not know of the skiing opportunities in Greece and this means great things for people looking for fresh, new slopes.

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