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Tesla Model S EPA test numbers

Tesla Model S

Considering how much we talk about hybrid, electric and fuel efficient cars on this blog, it’s really strange that we haven’t really gotten to talking about one of the most important companies in the EV industry: Tesla.

Today, the much anticipated release of the Tesla Model S should take place, even though the first ever model has already been shipped, to one of Tesla’s board members., however before we can talk about sales numbers or can report on other things that will happen in the near future for the Tesla Model S, we can report on the official EPA ratings for the electric-powered sports sedan.

Now the numbers that we’ll be reporting will be referring to the 85-kWh battery, the model will also come with smaller and less expensive batteries as well.

The Model S managed 88 MPGe in the city and 90 MPGe on the highways and 89 MPGe combined.

For those of you wondering what an MPGe is, it’s a measure of how far an electric car will travel on the electric equivalent of the energy contained in a gallon of gas.

The EPA also tested the Model S’s supposed 300-mile range, and it has to be said that in real world conditions the electric vehicle came up rather short, 11 percent shorter for about of 265 miles on a single charge. This has to be kept into perspective however, when you compare it to the other less expensive electric vehicles like the Honda Fit, Nissan Leaf or the Focus Electric. On the other hand, the combined MPGe of those Evs beat the Model S’s , with 118, 99 and 105 respectively.

One also has to consider that the Model S costs more than double what the other models cost, however it also does 60 mph in under 5 seconds and, this has to be said since it’s a consideration for some, it looks great.

When you add up its speed, impressive range and MPGe, it’s still a rather economical vehicle.

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