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December Holiday Destinations – Spain

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

When it comes to choosing a spot for your winter holiday there are basically two polar opposite ways of going about it, you either go to a place that has lots of snow and is rather cold, or you go to a place where it’s nice and warm, maybe a tropical island somewhere.

Spain is a good in-between choice because on average the temperature during the winter will rarely go under the fifteen degree mark, of course this will vary depending on where you will be actually visiting as the country features three types of climate, all of them being rather warm.

Now Spain isn’t an ideal spot to go to during your winter holiday if you’re interesting in sunbathing at all, it is true that the southernmost region of the country will be rather warm but it won’t be that warm so most summer resort towns won’t be very interesting.

The idea behind going to a mostly summer-focused holiday destination in the off season is to benefit from the obviously lower prices but also to enjoy the fact that there won’t be any large crowds going to and fro all the time and this is especially great if you’re interested in visiting the various cultural attractions and sights that Spain’s cities have to offer.

You should focus your efforts on visiting cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville or Bilbao, the larger ones and not focus on coastline resorts, although those might be a very cheap option indeed, however most of the attractions and activities will be found in the larger cities during the winter months.

One thing that doesn’t change regardless of the season however is a country’s gastronomical activities and the winter months are a great time to take tapas and wine tours as well as cooking classes. Spain is at the moment on the forefront of innovation and creativity for both wine and cuisine, infusing both those with traditional influences. In fact Spain has three restaurants in the Top Ten, two of them can be found in San Sebastian, Arzak and Nugarritz and the third one is El Bulli, but this one is closed during the winter.

Another option to take into consideration for your winter holiday in Spain would be to consider a rural stay in the winter, there are many rural hotels that offer Spanish hospitality, sightseeing activities and just an authentic atmosphere all together.

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