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Porsche rumored to launch new flat four-cylinder engine


Porsche Cayman Flat 6

We tend to talk a lot on this blog of ours about how there is a definite starting trend towards smaller and increasingly better engineered engines, we talked about it yesterday even, and today we’ll talk about a rumor that fits into that category quite nicely.

Usually when you talk about Porsche and four-cylinder engines in the same context, one usually goes to the somewhat underpowered 914. The 914 was indeed a Porsche in the way it was engineered, built and its handling, but its zero to 100 km/h needing 8.7 seconds wasn’t very Porsche-esque. They did however do much better with the 924, 944 and 968 later on.

And it would appear that power will not be an issue if the rumor about the German manufacturer’s flat-four engine is true. Rumor has it that it will be coming within the year and it will also come with turbocharging.

This information comes via a Porsche fan-site, which claims to have some insider information of the situation. The speculation is that the engine may actually make its debut as early as Frankfurt Motor Show which will take place in September. So take everything with a decent amount of salt, but it is very plausible.

This new engine is expected to be a 2.5-litre unit, which will basically be a 3.8-liter flat-six, minus two cylinders – it will feature direct injection, one turbocharger and a 7,500 rpm red line. According to internet speculation, it is expected to make around 350 hp at its highest state of tune which might make the current 2.7-liter engine from the Cayman and Boxster obsolete.

Going on these speculations it could mean that this new engine could replace the 3.4-liter engine used to power the S versions of both the Cayman and the Boxster.

It appears that this will not be the only four-pot Porsche that we will get to see soon, because the Macan sub-Cayenne SUV is also a very suitable candidate for such a power plant.

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