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Tesla is doing well


This is a massive year for Tesla Motors because this will be their first full year of sales for its all-electric Model S, and despite the company being branded as a ‘loser’ by the guy who lost the presidential elections in America, Tesla is doing quite well.

Things are looking up for the company, after suffering through some production and financial setbacks that made them miss some of their first deadlines, but it seems like they have things under control now.

They’ve already registered three thousand cars in the state of California, and they claim to have averaged about 500 Model S deliveries per week during the last three weeks. They’ve also added that their electric sedans have racked up 12-million emission-free miles by now.

This upward trend is set to be maintained by the guys over at Tesla, especially now that they’ve won some legal battles regarding their special stores and they’ve promised that more showrooms will be opening around the U.S. along with the installation of more Supercharger station. It’s easy to see how the Silicon Valley-based manufacturer is making an easier case out for purchasing a car from them.

Tesla plans to expand to Europe via a Netherlands-based production facility thus eliminating the need to import the cars from the US and thus not having to incur the rather heavy duties faced by vehicles crossing the ocean. They’re not planning on stopping there either, their next stage will be ASIA where the electric vehicle market is already starting to take shape, but that’s a much longer-term goal.

Over the next couple of weeks Tesla will be shipping about forty cars for test drive venues all around the globe. If things continue to run at this clip for the company, then the continued presence of the company on the market will become much more of a sure thing.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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