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Volvo sold out the V60 Plug-in Hybrid

The first batch of 1000 Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid has already been sold out, despite the fact that the model hasn’t even reached the showrooms.

The V60 Plug-in Hybrid is the world’s first diesel-powered plug-in, and apparently that is enough to fill up the order books for 2014’s allocation of V60s.

The first thousand units of the Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid were sold as a limited ‘Pure Edition’ vehicle, which features electric silver livery, aero-inspired 17-inch wheels, gloss black bodywork details as well as integrated exhaust tips.

We mentioned that the order books for 2014 are also filling up, and the production numbers for that year are expected to rise to 5000 units, however it would appear that the number will not be able to satisfy the global demand for this innovative hybrid.

It has to be noted that the V60 Plug-in hybrid sports some rather impressive specs, headlined by the combined cycle fuel consumption of jut 1.8 liters per 100km in hybrid mode and average CO2 emissions of just 48 grams per kilometer.

The vehicle comes with three driving modes: Pure, Hybrid and Power – with the Pure mode running solely on its electric power which will reach up to fifty kilometers.

Despite all of these numbers, you might think that the V60 doesn’t do too well when it comes to speed, however the diesel hybrid is capable of going from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds, when using the combined cycle capacity; the total output of the powertrain is rated at 212kW of power and 660Nm of torque.

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