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A quarter of a century with Volvo 850

Dear readers, it’s been a while since we last hailed one of our star car brands, but alas! – today is the day we celebrate a quarter of a century with Volvo 850.

The Swedish car manufacturer is looking back with nostalgia upon 25 years of tradition with the famous and emblematic Volvo 850. It is a wagon and sedan that have defined the style and poise of Volvo ever since the June 1991 Stockholm Globe Arena. This was the occasion for the whole world to lay eyes on the model. The car had a 2.4 liter 850 GLT with 5 cylinders, able to pump 170 hp (up to 240 hp, actually, in a stronger model like the T-5R.

Of course, the fact that Volvo 850 was so well received by the motor press greatly contributed to its international success, culminating with its US release – which was met with equal enthusiasm by the Americans who found the model exciting and practical at the same time.

In 1994 and 1995, the model changed its appearance a little bit, though the “facelift” only changed the car on a subtle level. 1996 was a crucial year, however, because the all-wheel drive was introduced. One year later, more changes emerged, as the S70 and V70 brought brand new car body panels.

And if you think the success of the 850 was limited to America, think again. In Europe, the Volvo model brought impressive motorsport success and was greatly acclaimed, succeeding especially in the British Touring Car Championship. The 850 lives on and is still present on our streets, although the beginning of the 21 st century switched the interest to the V70 and S60. The design softened the sharp edges and brought a new air.

Volvo cars today are still popular and there are many people who seek them among the international car rental offers online.

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