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Nurburgring complex is up for sale


We have been reporting on the woes of the Nurburgring test track on this blog for a solid number of months by now, ever since we found out that the world’s premiere vehicle test track was in trouble.

Well it would appear that all of those problems are coming to a head now, because we now know that the long-time racing icon, the Nurburgring test track in Germany is finally, up for sale.

Lots of rumors circulated ever since the first report as to the track’s financial problems, but something that is now reported cannot be considered a rumor because state-appointed liquidator Jens Lieser has confirmed that the Nurburgring test track, and the rest of the complex, is up for sale.

Now we’ll have to dip into the rumor mill for a bit in regards to the price. The rumored price for the entire complex has been estimated around 125 million Euros, but it is not yet known if the complex is to be sold off in pieces or as an entire package. The Nurburgring complex is much more than just the test track, it now has an amusement park, hotels and a shopping mall, all of which opened in 2009.

Now that’s quite a bit of money, for everyone, but it is believed that there are anywhere between five to ten interested parties looking into the purchasing of the complex – including of course the 20.8km Nordscheife circuit infamously referred to as “The Green Hell” by former racing driver Sir Jackie Stewart.

The track is still used by automakers from around the world to test, tune and develop their cars. These include names such as Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Nissan and Porsche amongst the regulars who use the course that winds its way through the Eifel Mountains. Also Hyundai has already started doing its bit to help the complex by announcing it was opening a seven million dollar test center based at the complex.

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