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The new MINI Convertible is ready to hit the markets in 2016!

We bet you have missed getting some awesome news about your favorite car. Well, after a long wait, we find out that the new MINI Convertible is ready to hit the markets in 2016!

In three forms, the Cooper, Cooper S and Cooper D, with starting prices of around 18.500 pounds, the convertible MINI auto is scheduled to be available for sale starting with March 2016.

Here’s what’s in store for each of the models: The MINI Cooper S Convertible is fueled by a 4-cylinder engine that runs on petrol and gives 141 kW/192 hp, the MINI Cooper on petrol gets 100 kW/136 hp from its 3-cylinder engine and the D model has a 3-cylinder diesel engine delivering 85 kW/116 hp.

Apart from the manual transmission, the new MINI Convertible line of automobiles offers an alternative Steptronic transmission. The size is just a bit larger and there are noticeable developments to see in the comfort and driving experience. The soft top op system is for the first time in the MINI auto history completely automatic and the rollover protection is incorporated fully.

The systems that offer assistance to the driver are also developed and improved. This makes the new MINI Convertible easier and safer to drive. The rear of the car is fitted with Park Distance Control (PDC) sensors and there is an additional front sensor facility to select on demand. The Driving Assistant facility includes a camera for cruise control, a pedestrian and collision system and brake option and the function of distance control. This decreases the eventuality of an accident and brings us closer to the idea of “car that drives itself” – or at least helps the driver a lot in the process.

The MINI will remain a very popular car, available both for purchase and for car rental. We are eager to see the new models in action soon!

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