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Coolest car museums around the world (Part 1)

Any auto enthusiast will tell you one thing about cars: they are much more than metal boxes on wheels, they are precious things to be respected and paid tribute to; so today we thought we’d take a minute to look into the Coolest car museums around the world.

Classic cars, special editions and concept vehicles line up in the most diverse displays. First there were the carriage museums, but slowly, as horse power began to be replaced by automobiles, people started to have the feeling that cars should be mentioned whenever we talk about developments in economy, technology and culture.

Here is a list of the Coolest car museums around the world:

The Henry Ford Museum in Deerfield Village, Michigan stands tall alongside the actual Ford headquarters. It pays tribute both to the automobile and to the personality of industrialist Henry Ford. Although he did not invent the car, nor did he develop the first assembly line, Ford takes credit for having manufactured the first mass-produced automobile. He turned the car (previously regarded as a curiosity) into an affordable commodity for the middle class American. His 1909 Model T that introduced America to real-life cars has a special place in the museum’s hall of fame. Other attractions include the Lincoln limousine John F. Kennedy was in when he was assassinated in 1963, but also Ford airplanes and biplanes (featuring the famous Tri-Star engine).

Traveling to Europe, you must stop by the Mille Miglia Museum in Brescia, Italy. The Italians are famous for their love of cars and speed, but also for their class. Housed in a monastery built in the 11th century, this museum presents the most varied models, from the 1937 Lancia Aprilia to the Ferrari section and the showroom of the famous Mille Miglia race (a competition from Brescia to Rome and back which took place between 1927 and 1957).

All these cool car museums are worth visiting and you can travel wherever with a locally rented car.

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