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Best and worst 2015 cars so far – Part 1

We are just about to enter the month of May, so we guess it’s not too early to start making lists with the best and worst 2015 cars so far. Are we still undergoing the economic crisis? If so, we should be prudent when it comes to investing in something grand, such as the automotive. At the same time, the ideas of reliable sources and the impressions of buyers can prove instrumental when it comes to shaping our own vision and making what can be called an informed decision.

Therefore, here is info from two sources regarding the most and least reliable cars of the current year:

Specialized in auto information, Kelley Blue Book has released over 300 new vehicles prior to coming up with a list of best cars from 12 categories. Here are some of the winners:

In the section “small car”, the prize went to Honda Civic, a tiny wonder on four wheels particularly good when it comes to the braking and accelerating system. With its Accord model, Honda also dominates the Midsize category.

But if you want a “real” full-size car, the Chevrolet Impala should be your option according to KBB, with its extra room and comfort. Who do you think won the Luxury contest? The Mercedes-Benz C Class, not surprisingly perhaps.

Driver Power also conducted their survey and came up with their own list of best and worst cars of the year 2015. Let’s stay optimistic for the moment and talk of the reliable cars of the year. With a quoted reliability of 98.81%, Toyota iQ tops the list, followed closely by the Lexus NX and the Lexus IS Mk3. From another category but just as reliable are reportedly the Hyundai i10 Mk2, but also Honda Jazz.

Some of these vehicles are available for international car rental for those who are thinking of an interesting way of testing them. Next time, we will take a bit of time to talk of the losers of this year also.

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