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December Holiday Destinations – St. Moritz

St. Moritz

St. Moritz

Featuring truly breathtaking scenery in a wonderful setting, and absolutely abundant with many winter-season activities, St. Moritz is a perfect destination for those who want to enjoy their winter holiday as well as the lavish Swiss hospitality.

St. Moritz is located in the middle of a valley at an altitude of 1,800 meters and is surrounded by a magnificent lake. You may not think it but the place sees on average 322 days of sun shine every year so the atmosphere is almost always a very pleasant one thanks to this.

The city was host to the Olympic Winter games twice, once in 1928 and then in 1948, and it has kept that tradition, continuing to be among the world’s top ski capitals thanks to its many well-known resorts. It’s interesting to note that the oldest ski school in the world can be found in St. Moritz.

St. Moritz offers a lot of things to see but mostly do with your time there, for instance those who love the outdoors and all snow related activities, this is a great place for hiking, and whether it’s summer or winter the Swiss National Park will offer you the best hiking trails and areas.

Of course skiing is probably the best thing that you could do during the winter in St. Moritz, there are scarcely better places to do it in, the peaks of Corviglia, Piz Palu, Diavolezza and Corvatsch provide a truly unforgettable skiing experience.

While skiing is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of St. Moritz activities you may want to know that the place also features five golf courses, and there are few things better than enjoying a nice round of golf and the fresh air of the Alps at the same time.

One has to keep in mind that St. Moritz is also well known for being a very chic place where you find lots of high end fashion brands as well as handmade items. The number of fashion stores in town is rather large but what you can actually get that is better than many other places are gemstones and stylish furniture.

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