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State of the art technologies in your car – Part 1


Technologies are advancing day by deal. We live in a world of the “all-possible”, at least from the tech standpoint, and it was only predictable that these notions would penetrate the automotive world. There are “smart cars” today fitted with the most innovative gadgets meant to give you an ever more comfortable, elegant and thrilling driving experience; and more! Today we get to discuss the state of the art technologies in your car – or rather, those meant for the car of the (hopefully near) future.

Many technological advances are being developed as we speak and the aim of manufacturers is to integrate them in the car architecture as soon as possible.

One of these technologies under development is the autonomous vehicle. Several manufacturers are competing in the race of the first self-driving car. At the beginning of the year Audi again proclaimed they are getting closer to the creation of the first self-driving car. Artificial intelligence would need to be developed in order for the car to recognize obstacles in the road, different surfaces and adapt the speed and turns to the driving conditions. Q7 SUV is the proudest Audi construction. In a recent demonstrations, Audi designers and engineers designed a track meant to simulate a construction site and demonstrated how the car was able to drive past it and negotiate the road independently, without previous programming.

Voice control is another cool high tech feature. Alexa, for instance, is a virtual assistant powered by Amazon. Volkswagen cars use Alexa, and the OS is useful to perform not only (by now) traditional tasks, such as communicate weather reports, sports results and virtual shopping, but also check the fuel level, close or open doors or the trunk or resuming music or audiobook playback.

So what’s next? 2017 and the years to come will probably going to impress us!


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