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Sydney and its beaches

Sydney - Bondi Beach


Located on one of the globe’s most strikingly beautiful harbors, the Australian city of Sydney is warm-natured, bathed in sunlight and all around good looking, thanks in no small part to its happy inhabitants. The city is characterized by two icons of architecture which make it famous not only within its country but the entire world, the sleek, armadillo-like designed Sydney Opera House and the massive Harbour Bridge which plays host to one of the worlds biggest fireworks displays during the New Year celebrations.

Considering where it’s located, one can understand the love affair that Sydney has had with the sea ever since its creation, sand and surf have always been part of the local culture and as such, the beach scene is very well developed and offers quite a few interesting opportunities.


Bondi Beach

Going to this beach ranks up in the beach experience department to somewhere near other more famous places, such as Ipanema and Venice. This is the place where the sexiest bodies will most likely be seen, wearing as little as possible, not a great idea for those with body-image issues. Besides being constantly distracted by the apparently never ending stream of beautiful bodies, you can get some great food, a new bikini or some surfboard wax on Campbell Parade or if you want to see the beach in its entirety you can trek to Ben Buckler Lookout.


Tamarama and Bronte

Heading south now for a bit, the relationship between the blustery sandstone cliffs and the grinding action of the Pacific Ocean is nowhere more apparent and spectacular than when seeing the results, also keep an eye out for dolphins and whales.

Tamarama Beach, also known as Glamarama, is small but very well formed, a deep tongue of sand most popular with the universally good-looking, hence the nickname.

Bronte on the other hand is a steep-sided beach, part of a bowl-shaped park meant for picnic tables and barbecues. Populated with low-key, breezy eateries, the swimming in Bronte is good and as an interesting side note, Bronte clays to have the oldest surf lifesaving club in the world, formed in 1903.


Clovelly and Coogee

Clovelly Beach is sheltered by the surrounding Burrows Park, and it’s very popular with families. Featuring concrete terraces at its fringes, the beach feels more like swimming pool and it’s a great place for some snorkeling.

Coogee Beach can be found once you continue past Gordon’s Bay, the name stems from an Aboriginal word for rotting seaweed but this should not scare you now as the beach is very wide, handsome and well maintained.

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