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Skiing in places you least expect it

Skiing in Turkey

We’ve been talking about various skiing destinations from around the globe, some of them well-known, some of them less so, but today we’ll talk a bit about some very unexpected places where you can go ski this winter.



Yes Cyprus, world-renown for being a sunny and warm island in the Mediterranean, a well deserved reputation, is our first unexpected place where you can ski. What you’ll be looking for is the Troodos resort which is located within the Troodos mountains area. There are two hotels within a two kilometer range and the surrounding villages offer lots of accommodation options as well. The wonderful appeal of a skiing trip to Cyprus is, that if you have a rental car at your disposal you can ski in the morning and swim or sunbathe within a few hours, you won’t get that in many other places.



Known for its coastline, semi-arid climate, interesting history and architecture and great tea, Morocco isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of skiing destinations. But the country does feature a mountain range, the Atlas mountains, and there are actually two resorts, however don’t expect the lifts to be working all of the time, on occasion you will either have to walk or take a ride on a donkey. These resorts are aimed at foreign travelers mostly because ski isn’t exactly a popular sport or pass time with most Moroccans, but it definitely makes for a unique experience.



The country used to be part of Yugoslavia, and because of this it isn’t very well-known on the traveling circuit for the usual tourism purposes let alone for it being a skiing destination. It should be noted that you cannot only ski here, but there’s even night skiing available, and the skiing that is available is not bad either, definitely worth a bit of research for sure if you’re interested in a fresh destination.


These have been just three examples of European skiing destinations that one wouldn’t think of at first, or at a second take, rest assured that there are many more strewn across the world.

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