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Canada’s cheapest car will have its own racing series

Nissan Micra, Canada’s cheapest car will have its own racing series according to the online publication Autoweek.

Great news for the lovely tiny Nissan Micra, the most affordable Canadian car on the market: after increasing demands from the public, the manufacturers are preparing to launch an innovative, cost-effective line of “mini racing cars”. As has always been the case with Nissan, they are preparing to create the lowest price racing cars in Canada. The cost will probably not exceed 20.000 Canadian dollars and the model will feature all the required safety gear and tech, newly designed tires and wheels, seats, five-point harnesses, a modified exhaust system, and a new interior style. For times of trouble, the mean Micra will also have a fire extinguisher and towing hooks.

The Nissan Micra has been the favorite car of Canada, with a starting price of below 10.000 Canadian dollars, making it the ultimate low-cost car of the country. It is not so popular in North America, but the manufacturers do expect to gain more popularity worldwide with the launching of the new racing series, although no current strategies target the United States of America for now.

According to Christian Meunier, the president of Nissan Canada Inc., in collaboration with JD Motorsport Organization, Nissan have developed “a highly accessible and extremely fun” series for the Canadian racing enthusiasts. Starting with 2015, Nissan plan to “attack” the Canadian market, with a strategy of 5 weekend-seasons with exciting Micra competitions in the circuits in Quebec.

Nissan has its auto heritage deeply rooted in the racing life dating back to the 1930s. So the new Nissan Micra racing series will be a sweet return to these good old days. Meanwhile, if you are in Canada and in search of an economy class car, you are likely to find one for rent at one of the car hire companies that are eager to offer their services.

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